Assessment Solution


Stakefield stands as a staffing service partner who takes the entire structure of an organization into account while devising a staffing plan. We have the right team of staffing consultants who can assist you in restructuring your organization structure and decide which employees to retain and which to let go of.

Key Features

Right Decision Making

Our specialized consultant can help you in identifying the right talents from your existing pool of employees before making any decision of workforce hiring or firing.

Professional Consultants

At Stakefield, we have a team of professional consultants expertized on various domains, who can derive insights about the candidate's skills and ensure you retain and hire the best talent.

Customized Staffing

By understanding your business requirements in-depth, we perform an effective and strategic assessment of your workforce and help select the right candidate with relevant skills for your job requirements.

Improved Employee Quality

Employees are tested for both hard and soft skills. Only top-quality candidates will be retained while new talents will be selected for the remaining vacancies.

Customized Approach

We make use of a strategic approach to widen our search and find the right talent for your organization by carefully considering every aspect of your business.

Better ROI

We follow a customized selection process irrespective of the business level and pick employees that satisfy your business objectives, thus providing a better return on investment.

Most-Trusted Permanent Staffing Service Provider

Stakefield is a leading permanent staffing service provider with experienced consultants who can help organizations find the best talents at any level. Our well-networked and dedicated team has a strategic and customized approach to the recruitment process. We consistently strive to build long-term relationships with leading organizations by offering trustworthy permanent staffing services to them.

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