Stakefield is dedicated to its CSR policies, valuing social responsibility and striving to achieve our CSR goals. Technology has played a crucial role in connecting the world and spreading awareness about social responsibility. Nowadays, technology not only connects but also gives back to society. Our CSR activities are an essential part of our corporate strategy, emphasizing reputation and goodwill. We actively engage in social and environmental issues, fulfilling our environmental, philanthropic, and ethical labor obligations. We are committed to contributing to our environment and supporting national and local authorities/organizations through donations.

Stakefield's directors prioritize corporate social responsibility and governance. We believe in going beyond wealth maximization by being accountable to society and the environment. Through collaborations with non-profit organizations, we strive to empower marginalized communities, improve education, and enhance standards of living for sustainable livelihoods. Our efforts contribute to the country's human development index. Moreover, we actively work to reduce our corporate carbon footprint by encouraging telecommuting, minimizing resource consumption, and responsibly managing electronic waste

CSR activities of Stakefield (2009 – 2019)



Partnering with respected nonprofit organizations, we drive impactful improvements in education and healthcare, empowering individuals and creating a brighter future.



Launching an extensive campaign strategically focused on mobilizing resources to drive significant advancements in quality of life standards, fostering comprehensive improvement for both individuals and communities.



Extending vital aid and support to individuals and communities affected by the devastating impact of natural disasters, offering hope and assistance during times of great adversity.

Corporate Governance

Our company's esteemed reputation is founded on more than mere business or market achievements. It is firmly rooted in the fundamental values that drive our organization, with integrity serving as a cornerstone. Integrity establishes the highest standards for our conduct and work ethics, guiding us in all endeavors. To provide valuable guidance, we equip Stakefield employees with a comprehensive reference guide to aid them in making critical decisions.

Stakefield vehemently agree to the concept of corporate governance and corporate social responsibility. In pursuing the company's corporate aspiration to be a leader in staffing service by 2021, the board is steadfast in maintaining high standards of corporate governance with a view to enhancing stakeholder value, increasing confidence, establishing customer trust and building a competitive organization.

The Board meets is held every quarter with additional meetings convened as and when urgent issues and important decisions are required to be taken between the scheduled meetings. At the end of financial period 31st March 2019, the board met 10 times to deliberate and consider a variety of significant matters that required its guidance and approval. All Directors have complied with the requirement that directors must attend at least 75% of Board meetings held in the financial period, and attended at least 50% of Board meetings held in financial year 31 March 2019 pursuant to the listing requirements. The current practice is to appoint Board members to appear on subsidiary boards, in particular the key overseas subsidiaries, to maintain oversight and ensure the operations of the respective subsidiaries are aligned with the strategies and objectives.

Corporate Governance policies



Stakefield corporate governance ensures proper management with the directors. We ensure an agile, proper performance is necessary to ensure the highest standards of corporate governance. At Stakefield, the board of directors is at the core of our corporate governance practice and oversees how the management serves and protects the long-term interests.



Need highly skilled, certified employees to work on a project for a six month contract? Done. Need them in Full time? No problem. The unique relationships Stakefield recruiters have built over the years with potential hires provides us with such a large pool of qualified talent that filing needs with not just a person but the right person has become second nature.

Corporate Governance Report

As a part of our commitment to follow global best practices, we comply with the BODs Corporate Governance Guidelines 2007, and the recommendations of the management members