Remote Staffing Services (WFH)


Stakefield is the worldwide most trusted staffing company that provides global remote staffing services to all scales of business organizations. Our experienced staffing consultants can recruit talented employees suitable for your business from remote locations of the world. Our hiring approach ensures that the candidates we choose for your business have a temporary workstation such as a laptop/computer with a good internet connection. Our remote staffing services allow a business organization to attain the best talents from a pool of global candidates who can work from home (WFH) or other places. Hiring the best-qualified talent through remote staffing ensures business organizations have better performance, productivity and efficiency.

Key Features

Global Talent Access

The remote staffing service of Stakefield enables the business organization to find and access the best candidates from global talents.

Reduced Corporate Expenses

Remote staffing allows the company to save extra money by hiring remote workers without providing additional office spaces and utilities. Hiring well-experienced candidates reduce employee training costs.

Improved Productivity

Remote staffing helps business organizations to hire the best productive talents from global candidates.

Flexible Employment

The remote staffing services of Stakefield allow the organization to choose flexible employment methods such as temporary, contractual or permanent employment.

Global Search Approach

Our staffing consultants make a global search approach to provide the right talent for your organization by considering every aspect of the requirements

Work Flexibility

Stakefiled helps to hire the best candidates for business organizations, suitable to work remotely at flexible times according to the business requirements. Remote staffing can also help organizations to hire skilled candidates capable of completing flexible tasks within the time frame.

Remote Hiring Process

Our remote staffing consultants hire the best talents after several selection processes such as CV shortlisting, online interviews, telephonic interviews and other administrative formalities from remote locations.

Reliable Background Verification

We do thorough background verification before the final selection of shortlisted candidates to ensure honest and efficient talents to the organization.

Remote Staffing Process

Requirement Analysis

Collect relevant information on workforce requirements, skills, qualifications and criteria for business.

Sourcing Talent

Staffing consultants find the right remote talents matching business requirements, skills and qualifications through online screening tests and talent hunts.


With initial screening, evaluation and verification, candidates get shortlisted as per the business staffing requirements.


Online Interview for selecting the right candidate from the shortlisted talents

Hiring ideal candidate

Based on the interview, select the ideal candidate for the business positions.

Background verifications

Verify experience, position, salary, and references to prevent hiring risks

Second Round Interview with Business Clients

The client can evaluate the candidate's potential to match the staffing requirement through online interviews.

Legal compliance

Verify compliance with all legal requirements of the candidate for hire in remote job roles


Finalize the job offer with a remote staffing agreement and ensure a smooth onboarding process with administrative services.


We simplify payroll management by tracking work hours, attendance etc.

Business Benefits with Remote staffing services 

1. Remote quality workforce accessibility

2. Mitigate HR administrative burdens and responsibilities

3. Hire remote talents for remote job

4. Meet staffing requirements quickly

5. Mitigate wrong hiring with background verification

6. Reduce hiring complexities

7. Reduce time spend on hiring

8. Hire remote workers skilled in the latest technologies

9. Hire the best-suited talent with adequate skills from the global talent pool.

10. Diversified expertise workforce

11. Maintain and enhance business productivity

12. Stabilize the business workflow

13. Expand workforce remotely

14. Relatively less hiring cost   

15. Maintain & amplify workforce performance

16. Allows businesses to focus better on their operations

17. Mitigate workforce infrastructure and facilities cost

18. Avoid the hectic burden of the selection process

19. Need not worry about statutory employee benefits & compliances

20. Experienced remote talents save workforce training cost

Business & Industries We Serve

  • IT & Startups business
  • Banking and finance
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Supply chain
  • Retail and E-commerce
  • Consumer Durables
  • Web development business
  • Web hosting business
  • Digital marketing business
  • Application development business
  • Software development business
  • Other Recruitment business
  • Manufacturing
  • Media & entertainment
  • Travel and tourism
  • Online business
  • Logistics & Transportations
  • Other business companies and industries

Best Remote Staffing Service Provider

Stakefield is a one-stop solution for all remote staffing requirements of business organizations. Remote staffing services of Stakefieled ensures to provide quality human resources that can boost the business growth. The main benefits of remote staffing services for business organizations are workforce scalability to the rising demand, cost cuts with lower infrastructure requirements, work flexibility, global talent access, increased productivity and ultimately better business growth. Remote staffing allows the organization to build competitive service qualities and speed up business growth to a great extent. Remote staffing also benefits employees with reduced commute costs, freedom to work from anywhere at flexible times etc. Based on research analysis, remote staffing is considered one of the best cost-effective staffing solutions for all types and scales of business organizations. Stakefield is an experienced staffing company that provides necessary virtual support to deal with employment shortage issues faced by all scales of businesses. Stakefield helps to find remote workers for a wide range of business sectors such as IT, healthcare, education, financials and other industries. Our quick global talent acquisition results matching the human resource requirements has paved the way for boosting several businesses across the globe. We ensure to deliver the right remote workforce as per the expectation levels of the business organization.