Temporary Staffing Services


Stakefield is a professional staffing company that provides comprehensive temporary staffing services to all scales of businesses across the globe. Our temporary staffing consultants have significant experience in recruiting temporary staff employees suitable for your business. Our comprehensive quick hiring approach ensures that the best candidates are provided for the business organization at the right time. Under our payroll for as little as 3 months, we hire the best-qualified talents to your organization in the most cost-effective way.

Key Features

Work Flexibility

We provide skilled candidates that can work for your organizational flexible time and place as per requirements.

Mitigate Work Overload

We provide temporary candidates who can assist overloaded employees in business organizations during critical times.

Hire Easily

Stakefield helps to hire the right candidates for the organization easily without the hectic burden of formalities for the selection process such as CV shortlisting, interviews, etc.

Temporarily Build Staff Strength

We provide you with the ability to build temporary organizational staff strength without fully absorbing the candidates.

Evaluate Performance

We help business organizations to observe and evaluate the performance of the temporary candidates for making future decisions.

Cost-Effective Hiring

Stakefield provides the best-quality talents to your organization in the most cost-effective hiring process. All the hired employees selected will be recruited under our optimized pay scales.

Minimized Administrative Responsibilities

We take complete responsibilities for the selected candidates all HR administrative activities, statutory employee benefits, and compliances for the outsourced resources

Work On-Demand Hiring

Our experienced temporary staffing consultants can recruit talents based on the demand of the particular work to be completed within the time frame. Organizations can complete on-demand tasks when only needed with temporary hired employees at a certain period.

Temporary Staffing Process

Requirement Analysis

Collect relevant information on workforce requirements, skills, qualifications and criteria for business.

Sourcing Talent

Staffing consultants find the right talents matching business requirements, skills and qualifications through screening tests and talent hunts.


With initial screening, evaluation and verification, candidates get shortlisted as per the business staffing requirements.


Interview for selecting the right candidate from the shortlisted talents.

Hiring ideal candidate

Based on the interview, select the ideal candidate for the business positions.

Background verifications

Verify experience, position, salary, and references to prevent hiring risks.

Second Round Interview with Business Clients

The client can evaluate the candidate's potential to match the staffing requirement through interviews.

Legal compliance

Verify compliance with all legal requirements of the candidate for hire.


Finalize the job offer and ensure a smooth onboarding process with administrative services.


We simplify payment management by offering international payments, billing visibility, and payment compliance.

Business Benefits with Temporary staffing services

1. Flexible workforce as per demand

2. Mitigate HR administrative burdens and responsibilities

3. Mitigate employment risks

4. Meet staffing requirements quickly

5. Mitigate wrong hiring with background verification

6. Reduce hiring complexities

7. Reduce time spend on hiring

8. Hire talents for a periodical job

9. Hire the best-suited talent with adequate skills

10. Get talents for particular or occasional jobs

11. Maintain and enhance business productivity

12. Stabilize the business workflow

13. Expand workforce temporarily

14. Relatively less hiring cost 

15. Maintain & amplify workforce performance

16. Allows businesses to focus better on their operations

17. Mitigate work overload risks

18. Avoid the hectic burden of the selection process

19. Need not worry about statutory employee benefits & compliances

20. Save fresh workforce training cost

Business & Industries We Serve

  • IT & Startups business
  • Banking and finance
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Supply chain
  • Retail and E-commerce
  • Consumer Durables
  • Web development business
  • Web hosting business
  • Digital marketing business
  • Application development business
  • Software development business
  • Other Recruitment business
  • Manufacturing
  • Media & entertainment
  • Travel and tourism
  • Online business
  • Logistics & Transportations
  • Other business companies and industries

Leading Temporary Staffing Service Provider

Stakefield is a leading temporary staffing service provider consultant that focuses on ensuring efficient human resources are provided to business organizations matching their requirements. We focus on the improvement of business processes by providing sufficient human resources in well-defined mandatory. Our client satisfaction in delivering the right temporary talents at the right time enables us to achieve higher standards of reputation values in the staffing field of expertise. Most business organizations have to face unexpected and temporary work-on-demand situations. Temporary staffing is a great choice to cope with such circumstances. With general analysis and research, temporary staffing has proved to be one of the best cost-effective measures for various business sectors such as IT, healthcare, banking, etc. Organizations management bodies are hassle-free regarding the employee's administrative responsibilities saving lots of valuable time. Perfect delivery of on-demand talents also improves professional relationships further. Temporary staffing also saves the fixed funding of the business organization according to the business pay scale norms. The temporary employees can also develop good working experience by working with many companies, within a short period. Temporary staffing services of Stakefield brings talented temporary employees and business organizations to one place where they can benefit from each other and work towards mutual gratification and success.