No one enterprise can be everything to everyone, irrespective of its size or expertise at its disposal. It may certainly appear an easy task to hire individuals who would want to be employed at an esteemed, globally recognized organization, but that may not quite be the case. Having excelled in the IT services industry with significant expertise in IT infrastructure, Software development, and DevOps, the client found it increasingly challenging to upkeep staffing levels for its engineering workforce. As one of the key elements of business operations, the company needed to fill those gaps in talent acquisition for smoother functioning and efficiency. But without the skills and tools in place to acquire specific, specialized talent in engineering, Company A certainly was in need of help. So what did Stakefield do for them and how did it turn out?

The Challenge

The client, a multinational Public Listed IT Company, required talents for multiple business units across the country with varying timeframes. The client fell short of internal resources to hire the requisite talent on their own. They were in need of a partner who could act on their behalf to help them frame a highly efficient recruiting engine.

The Solution

After meeting with Stakefield, it was decided that the best solution was a comprehensive Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) program.Through this RPO partnership with Stakefield, Company A would be in a position to make more than 13,000 job offers and share up to 20,000 job postings every year to plug their staffing requirements. Using insights and guidance shared by experts at Stakefield, the company never fails to meet a hiring need and is quick to adapt to changes in market determinants and industry requirements at short notice.

Need highly skilled, certified employees to work on a project for a six month contract? Done. Need them in Full time? No problem. The unique relationships Stakefield recruiters have built over the years with potential hires provides us with such a large pool of qualified talent that filing needs with not just a person but the right person has become second nature.

The Outcome

It is a given that recruitment is much more than just finding the right people. Unlocking efficiency levels in terms of creativity and sharpness in the way those people are found and the way our clients do business is what makes Stakefield stand out in its absolute sense. All along the way, Stakefield provides the company insights into every aspect of its talent spending while concurrently increasing the quality of its talent pool. New employees are smarter and more talented, and hiring is kept within a feasible budget scope. Everyday, a specially deployed Stakefield Innovation Team is working for its client to find even more efficiencies to make the way the company does business better and smarter