Background & Identity Verification Service


Stakefield, mitigates the vulnerabilities of the selection process in hiring by carrying out a systematic background screening of candidates. We check for legal as well as government ID verification to ensure the candidates fit well within the client's organization.

Key Features

Criminal Background Check

Stakefield helps businesses find the best talent and also ensures that they are not associated with any criminal record.

Credit Check / CIBIL

We help you finalize the candidate by thoroughly carrying out credit background screening that allows you to deeply understand candidate stability and financial responsibility.

Identity Verification Check

Stakefield follows a strategic method to verify if the documents submitted by the candidate are relevant and ensures that you get the right candidate with a clear background.

Academic Verification Check

With a systematic approach for selecting the authenticity of educational qualifications of the candidate, Stakefield ensures you hire the right candidate with the right skillset.

Professional Background Check

Stakefield performs professional background screening and verifications to confirm the eligibility of candidates selected for the job at your organization.

Address Verification Check

Our reliable address verification process enables you to hire feasible candidates from the pool of talents with a reduced risk of misinformation, and fraudulent activities.

Expertized Background Screening Consultants

The professional background screening consultants at Stakefield offer comprehensive background and identity-check of the candidate before you finalize the hiring. The pre-employment verification process covers every aspect related to the candidate. With a quick and reliable turn-around time, we can manage multiple screenings to provide you with the right candidate that meets your requirements.

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By providing high-quality background and identity verification services, we help you hire honest employees for your business organization and ensure your business success.