Permanent Staffing and Placement Services


Stakefield simplifies the recruitment process by efficiently managing candidate resumes, conducting interviews, and facilitating selection. Our permanent staffing and placement service brings exceptional talent to your organization for long-term employment, ensuring optimal cost-effectiveness.

Key Features

Enhanced Efficiency

As a reputable permanent staffing consultant, we deliver high-caliber candidates who precisely meet your business objectives, resulting in heightened business efficiency.

Desirable Selection Process

Stakefield carefully selects candidates based on organizational requirements and conducts thorough background checks before final selection.

Perceives Your Requirement

Our team of skilled professionals delivers exceptional staffing and placement services with utmost professionalism and efficiency.

Minimized Hiring Expenses

We offer professional, cost-effective solutions to secure high-quality talent for long-term employment with your esteemed organization.

Customized Approach

Our strategic approach ensures a perfect fit for your organization by considering every aspect of your business during talent search.

Long-Lasting Client Relationships

We are dedicated to delivering reliable and exceptional services to our esteemed clients, fostering long-term relationships built on professionalism and excellence.

Permanent Staffing Process

Requirement Analysis

Acquire essential information pertaining to workforce requirements, skills, qualifications, and business criteria in a professional manner.

Sourcing Talent

Our staffing consultants find the right talents through screening tests and talent hunts, ensuring they match business requirements, skills, and qualifications.


Candidates are shortlisted based on thorough screening, evaluation, and verification to meet business staffing requirements.


Our rigorous interview process meticulously identifies and selects exceptionally qualified candidates, guaranteeing a precise match for the desired position.

Hiring ideal candidate

Through a rigorous interview process and meticulous qualification assessment, we discern and select the most exceptional candidates for business positions.

Background verifications

In order to minimize potential hiring risks, it is crucial to diligently verify the candidate's experience, position, salary, and references.

Second Round Interview with Clients

Our thorough interview process empowers clients to assess candidates, ensuring their aptitude to meet staffing needs. We provide a comprehensive understanding of each candidate's suitability, enabling informed decisions and successful team building.

Legal compliance

Ensure that the candidate for permanent job roles complies with all legal requirements through thorough verification.


Finalize the job offer by formalizing a permanent staffing agreement and ensure a smooth onboarding process through efficient administrative services.


We streamline payment management by providing international payment solutions, transparent billing processes, and strict compliance measures.

Business Benefits with Permanent staffing services

1. Quality workforce for long term

2. Mitigate HR administrative burdens and responsibilities

3. Improve employee retention

4. Meet staffing requirements quickly

5. Mitigate wrong hiring with background verification

6. Reduce hiring complexities

7. Reduce time spend on hiring

8. Hire permanent talents for long-term job

9. Hire the best-suited talent with adequate skills

10. Mitigate employee turnover

11. Maintain and enhance business productivity

12. Stabilize the business workflow

13. Expand workforce permanently

14. Relatively less hiring cost  

15. Maintain & amplify workforce performance

16. Allows businesses to focus better on their operations

17. Mitigate work overload risks

18. Avoid the hectic burden of the selection process

19. Need not worry about statutory employee benefits & compliances

20. Experienced talents save workforce training cost

Business & Industries We Serve

  • IT & Startups business
  • Banking and finance
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Supply chain
  • Retail and E-commerce
  • Consumer Durables
  • Web development business
  • Web hosting business
  • Digital marketing business
  • Application development business
  • Software development business
  • Other Recruitment business
  • Manufacturing
  • Media & entertainment
  • Travel and tourism
  • Online business
  • Logistics & Transportations
  • Other business companies and industries

Leading Provider of Exceptional Permanent Staffing Solutions

Stakefield is a prominent provider of professional permanent staffing services, leveraging the expertise of seasoned consultants to facilitate organizations in discovering top-tier talent across all levels. With our dedicated and well-connected team, we approach the recruitment process strategically, tailoring our approach to align with the unique requirements of each client. Our unwavering commitment to cultivating enduring partnerships is exemplified by the reliable and trustworthy permanent staffing services we deliver to esteemed organizations. Stakefield specializes in furnishing dependable permanent workforce resources spanning diverse industries, including IT, finance, healthcare, education, and more. As a reputable staffing and placement company, we employ flexible and adaptable techniques to effectively accomplish commercial staffing objectives. By joining forces with Stakefield, businesses can avail themselves of exceptional hiring and placement services, optimizing the value of their investment in permanent staffing.

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