Contract to Hire Staffing Services


Stakefield is the leading staffing company having years of experienced staffing consultants capable of providing contract-to-hire staffing services to a wide range of business organizations. During the pandemic lockdown situations, several business organizations face employment shortage issues. Our contract-to-hire staffing services were able to help many of those business organizations find quick solutions for employment shortages. Stakefield's contract-to-hire staffing service can provide talented human resources to businesses according to their requirements. Contract-to-hire staffing services help the organization to work with new talent for specific projects at the initial contract period without the risk of making permanent employment decisions. With our C2H staffing service, business organizations can hire the best candidate under their payroll on a contract basis and later convert them to permanent positions when required.

Key Features

Employment Flexibility

The Contract-to-hire staffing services of Stakefield allow the organization to employ talents with flexible contract periods and later convert for permanent employment.

Maintain Low Attrition Rate

Contract-to-hire staffing reduces the attrition rate as employees are designated to work fully until the contract agreement expires.

Performance Evaluation

The business organization can measure the candidate performance and skill levels during the contract period for further contract extension or permanent conversion.

Desirable Hiring

Stakefield's staffing consultants make sure to hire candidates whose skill sets match the organizational requirement goals. Candidate hiring can be based on various experience levels like a fresher or by experience as per organization requirements.

Mitigate Employment Shortages

Contract-to-hire staffing helps business organizations to reduce employment shortage risks by quick hiring the right skill set candidate.

Reduced Administrative Responsibilities

Our staffing consultants provide necessary support regarding the HR administrative responsibilities and compliances.

Contract-to-Hire Staffing Service Provider

Stakefield is the most trusted Contract-to-hire staffing service provider company that provides business organizations flexibility to assess an employee before making long-term commitments. Stakefield's Contract to hire staffing services can provide human resources to critical business areas. Our staffing consultants manage all the time-consuming search and selection processes of finding the right talents for business organizations. The main benefit of contract-to-hire staffing services for business organizations is to try before you buy strategy, eliminating hurdles of the hiring process, mitigate employment shortages, quick scaling as per demand, access the good-fit candidate for the company culture etc. Contract to hire staffing approach also benefits employees with opportunities for on-job training, permanent job conversion, proving their skills, building work experience etc. Stakefield helps to provide consistent human resources for a wide range of business sectors such as IT, financial, healthcare, education and others. Stakefield is a recognized staffing company that uses adaptive and flexible staffing methods for achieving business staffing goals. Our Contract-to-hire staffing allows business organizations the benefits of efficient hiring and placement services in the most cost-effective way.