Our Staffing Services

At Stakefield, we very well know how important it is for organizations to find the talents having the right skill set and knowledge. Be it a large enterprise or a small organization, find the right talent can always be a challenging and time-consuming task. This is where we can be of help to you. Being a leading staffing agency with more than 12 years of industry expertise, we can help you find the perfect talent for your organization effectively. With a proven hiring process, our staffing division is equipped with the right expertise required to help you find the best picks who will fit well within the organization and the department.


Permanent Staffing & Placement

Hiring a permanent resource can be a torrid, time-consuming process, from structuring an enticing job description, putting the word out, sourcing resumes, screening a wide range of profiles, all the way to interviewing candidates, gauging implementation ability, conducting personality tests, and finally, selection, while staying in line with your organizational standards and benchmarks.

This is where you could bring us to the equation. We help you find the right talent for your organization in the most easiest and cost-effective way.


Executive Search & Selection

Hiring a C-level executive, be it a Senior Manager, Director, VP, or CEO for your organization can be excruciatingly absorbing. As these executives are responsible for defining and implementing the strategic plan set forth, a gap at these critical positions can leave negative implications within the department as well as the company.

This is where our specialized consultants can help you out. Our consultants having a track record of proven results and will ensure you have access to the right executive-level professionals you are looking for.


Contract-based Staffing

Simply put, contractual staffing saves you time and money. It gives you added flexibility and raises productivity. We ensure that the right people are deployed in the right positions at short notice. In short, we help you with enhanced efficiency to close out skills gaps that could derail your overall progress in the times ahead.


Assessment Solutions

Managing a workforce during organizational restructuring can be hard sometimes. Deciding which employees to retain and which to let go of, you must first get your strategies right.

You need to be extremely cautious as well before making any decision of workforce hiring or firing. Our specialized consultant can help you in identifying the employees who have the right skills and personalities for the new job roles they are about to be entitled to.


Background & Identity Verification Service

As companies are hiring in volumes, a proper mechanism needs to be in place for Background Verification of candidates about their previous roles. Stakefield has set templates that are sent out to previous employers of candidates to gather information regarding past employment. We also check for legal as well as government ID verification to ensure the candidates fit well within the client's organization. These processes ensure that candidates are thoroughly vetted before they work for any of our clients


Managed Service

Identifying and hiring a contingent workforce can be challenging at times. With our managed service program you will get complete visibility over your non-permanent workforce, i.e, from freelancers to consultants, we help you in hiring the best temporary talents in the field of sales, recruitment, and IT for your business.

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