About the Project

One of the most innovative and funded startups in Silicon Valley struggled to find suitable candidates for their team. The startup worked with both local and offshore recruiting partners that were unable to come up with a creative solution, and as a result, they needed to bring on a new partner who could outline a strategic plan to identify talents as well as a supporting team that would enable them to complete their current and upcoming requirements in a timely fashion. The Stakefield team was consulted by the company to prepare a scope of work, including the job descriptions of candidates to develop, design, and implement a highly secured and robust application for their company.

The Solution

The entire hiring structure had to be designed, developed, and tested over a 6-month time frame. Initially, the Stakefield team presented a targeted recruitment strategy that helped the client determine the talents as per the client's requirements. Within 6 weeks, The Stakefield team screened and interviewed resources throughout North America to recommend candidates that best met the client’s needs based on a variety of criteria.

In order to secure local resources, the Stakefield team partnered with the startup to collaborate and design the team structure that should be followed once the development teams were in place. Within 14 days, the Stakefield team identified, interviewed, and hired a team of Developers to support the Product Management team with the back- and frontend development and implementation of the application. After weeks of coding and development, the application was ready to go live, so the Stakefield team provided the client with additional 25 local sales resources to get the clients’ business up and running.

The Challenge

Develop Hiring Strategy

The client needed a new strategy that would allow them to identify Tech talents and recruit them to deliver the highest quality product by effectively conceptualizing the digital, technical, and operational platforms.

Identify Local Resources

In addition to identifying developers, the client needed to secure product managers that would collaborate with the hybrid development teams to bring continuous improvement within their application.

Diverse Innovative Technology

The startup struggled to locate qualified candidates to build their team with the technical talent that would align with the culture of the startup as it’s quite hard for anyone at such an early stage.

The Outcome

Over the course of the 6-month project, the Stakefield team successfully staffed an entire team of skilled tech professionals who delivered an enterprise application with minimal bugs and no security leaks or malfunctions that was eventually launched by the company. Due to our ability to provide staff for each level of the project under extreme time and market constraints, we continue to work with this client as a staffing partner